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HaBangNet dedication to excellence services has established us a top position of internet hosting companies. We utilizes the available technologies to insure our customer’s uptime and website speed isn’t compromised.

HaBangNet deliver only exceptional service

Wordpress Hosting @ HaBangNet

secured wordpress hosting environment with latest upgrade

Our wordpress hosting come with one-click installed on a secured hosting server. As wordpress got too many loophole where hacker like to hack to. So we offering our wordpress hosting in a more secured and hardening webserver with daily security audit on the server to prevent any hackering. And also providing customer with the latest version of wordpress scripts to update at all times. Note: This does not cover any 3rd party wordpress template custom made by customer.

HaBangNet Offer

Everything that you need for your domain names

  • Register

    Don't lose your online presence. Get starter with your own domain online now! Search and registered it before it being grab by someone else!

  • Transfer

    Move your existing domain to HaBangNet. To Transfer any domain name, of any of the following TLDs (extensions), you would require to first obtain the Domain (Transfer) Secret or Auth. Code from your Current Registrar

  • Manage

    Use our intuitive Control Panel to manage your domain name, configure email accounts, renew your domain name and buy more services.

New to domains names?

  • Domain Features
  • Domain Prices
  • Domain Help
  • 700+ TLDs

    Our comprehensive Domain product portfolio means that you can offer your Customers a great variety of gTLDs, ccTLDs and Premium Domain Names. New added extension is available when the extension is available for registration in the market

  • Help Center

    We are a committed team of Support Enthusiasts We know that running a hosting company means Support needs to be one of core features of your Business. This is why we have staffed a huge team of in-house Dedicated Support specialists that Work 24/7.

  • HaBangNet API

    Everything we offer can be seamlessly added to your own website. For full portability our API is based on HTTP. It’s also fully-documented so specifications, client side kits, sample forms and sample code are at your disposal. Security, meanwhile, is a given. Our API is monitored 24 hours a day.

  • Control Panel

    Our control panel is your digital PA; helping you to manage your products, customers, resellers and settings all from the same place. Just like the reseller store, it’s fully brandable and it also comes with air-tight security as standard. What’s more, it’s multi tier, so you can instantly create control panels for your customers and it’s available in 12 languages..

  • Reseller-Accounts

    You can be open for business in minutes with our reseller store. It’s customisable to the nth degree - you can tailor the logo, the URL and add pages without having to use code. Every store comes with a dynamic shopping cart and plug-ins from all the major payment providers can be added.

  • Free DNS Management

    You can run a tight ship when it comes to your domains with our domain management tools. Edit A, MX, CNAME, NS and SOA records, and 24x7 Monitoring. Free with every domain.

  • .com

    from $15.95

  • .net

    from $15.95

  • .co

    from $29.99

  • .org

    from $19.95

  • .de $15.99
  • .it $78.99
  • .cc $29.99
  • .ly $29.99
  • .ae $99.99
  • .se $59.99
  • .pt $29.99
  • .new $29.99
  • .eu $15.99
  • .lv $59.99
  • .hk $45.99
  • .club $29.99
  • How do I renew my domains?

    You can login to your Domain Management Manager to renewal the domain directly or contact our Customer Service for help if you unable to renewal it.

  • Do I need a domain name to have a website?

    No. However, having your own domain makes it easier for visitors to find your website online. Plus, registering a domain allows you to create a name that reflects and promotes your brand (your-business-name.com).

  • How do I register a domain name?

    Registering your domain name is the first step in establishing your online presence and reaching visitors. Avoid some of the pitfalls that can arise, and choose the best domain name to make sure that your site reaches the most people.

  • What are top-level domains (TLD) and country code top-level domains (ccTLD)?

    A top-level domain (TLD) is the part of the domain name located to the right of the dot (" . "). The most common TLDs are .com, .net, and .org. Some others are .biz, .info, and .ws. These common TLDs all have certain guidelines, but are generally available to any registrant, anywhere in the world. There are also restricted top-level domains (rTLDs), like .aero, .biz, .edu, .mil, .museum, .name, and .pro, that require the registrant to represent a certain type of entity, or to belong to a certain community. For example, the .name TLD is reserved for individuals, and .edu is reserved for educational entities. Country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) represent specific geographic locations. For example: .mx represents Mexico and .eu represents the European Union. Some ccTLDs have residency restrictions. For example, .eu requires registrants to live or be located in a country belonging to the European Union. Other ccTLDs, like the ccTLD .it representing Italy, allow anyone to register them, but require a trustee service if the registrant is not located in a specified country or region. Finally, there are ccTLDs that can be registered by anyone — .co representing Colombia, for example, has no residency requirements at all.

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